Nicolas Torquet


Engineer (IR2) CNRS

Neuroscience Paris-Seine – IBPS
Equipe Neurophysiologie et Comportement (NPC)
Boite 16, Sorbonne Université,
9 quai St Bernard, 75005, Paris, FRANCE
Tel: +33 1 44 27 39 40
nicolas.torquet at

General interests

I am taking advantage of my dual expertise in biology and computing to work at the interface between these two domains. In biology, I am interested in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying animal behavior. In parallel, I am developing softwares, mostly databases and their graphical interfaces, to improve reliability and efficiency in data analysis.


Souris City

2013_06_06_souriscity_0026rSouris City is an innovative project that will allow to explore mouse behaviors in a more complex environment than standard housing conditions. Indeed, Souris City is composed of several compartments connected through “tubes and scales”, resembling the natural living conditions of mice. Other modules will be additionally connected, allowing standardised testing of the animals. The environment is also socially enriched, the group housed together being larger than in standard conditions. Mice are observed 24/7 in the different compartments. Such a setting will allow to gather information on the hierarchical structure within a group and to combine this information with the performances of the animals in the standardised tests conducted in parallel. Article published in Nature Communications: Social interactions impact on the dopaminergic system and drive individuality.


logo_mousetube_littlemouseTube is an online database allowing scientists to share mouse ultrasonic vocalization audio files. mouseTube allows to sort vocalization recordings by mouse strain, or by a given context within a protocol. mouseTube facilitates the comparison of ultrasonic vocalizations between individuals, strains, contexts… Link to mouseTube.

Here is a short video introduction to mouseTube:


Various databases are being built in the lab for storage and easy recollection of electrophysiological or behavioral data.


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  • mouseTube (Website and database to share mouse vocalisation recordings)
  • electroDream (Database and web interfaces to manage experimental data from electrophysiology experiments)
  • Data Dock (Databases and web interfaces to manage experimental data and stocks of biochemicals)

Previous labs

  • CNRS URA 2182 Genes, Synapses et Cognition – CNRS and Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • Neurobiologie de la mémoire olfactive team, CNRS UMR5020, Lyon
  • CNRS FRE 2735 Neuropsychopharmacologie expérimentale, Rouen