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2013_06_06_souriscity_0026rDopamine (DA) projections from the midbrain (including ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra) to striatum and frontal cortex play a major role in behavioral actions controlled by reward and in the formation of habits. The dopaminergic system is also involved in drug addiction. Using a combination of behavioral analysis, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological recordings, genetic tools and optogenetics, we analyze the modifications of DA network dynamics in the different steps leading to nicotine addiction, including genetic and environmental factors, and the consequences of these modifications on decision making.

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New article in Molecular Psychiatry

Morel C., Fernandez S. P., Pantouli F., Meye F. J., Marti F., Tolu S., Parnaudeau S., Marie H., Tronche F., Maskos U., Moretti M., Gotti C., Han M.-H., Bailey, Mameli A. M., Barik J. and Faure P.
Nicotinic receptors mediate stress-nicotine detrimental interplay via dopamine cells’ activity.
Molecular Psychiatry 2017 [Article].

New article in Molecular Psychiatry

Benamer N., Marti F., Lujan R., Hepp R., Aubier T. G., Dupin A. A. M., Frébourg G., Pons S., Maskos U., Faure P., Hay Y. A., Lambolez B. and Tricoire L.
GluD1, linked to schizophrenia, controls the burst firing of dopamine neurons.
Molecular Psychiatry 2017 [Article].

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New article in Scientific Report

Stefania Tolu, Fabio Marti, Carole Morel, Carole Perrier, Nicolas Torquet, Stephanie Pons, Renaud de Beaurepaire, and Philippe Faure.
Nicotine enhances alcohol intake and dopaminergic responses through β2* and β4* nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Scientific Report 2017 [Article].

Congratulations to Dr Alexandre Mourot

Alexandre was awarded the Medisite foundation prize in Neuroscience.

New article in Nature rewiews Drug Discovery

Artigas F., Schenker E., Celada P., Spedding M., Lladó-Pelfort L., Jurado N., Núñez M., Santana N., Troyano-Rodriguez E., Riga MS., van den Munkhof H., Castañé A., Shaban H., Jay TM., Tripathi A., Godsil BP., Sebban C., Mariani J., Faure P., Takkilah S., Hughes ZA., Siok CJ., Hajos M., Wicke K., Gass N., Weber-Fahr W., Sartorius A., Becker R., Didriksen M., Bastlund JF., Tricklebank M., Risterucci C., Meyer-Lindenberg A., Schwarz AJ. (2017). Defining the brain circuits involved in psychiatric disorders: IMI-NEWMEDS. Nature reviews Drug discovery, 16(1), pp.1–2. [Abstract]

Congratulations to Dr Steve Didienne

Steve successfully defended his PhD on december 2.